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Seventh-day Adventists believe that "the Bible reveals the true philosophy of history". (Education, 173) God has always worked actively in the affairs of man to reach His ultimate goal to restore the image of God in man.

Social StudiesThe school's social studies curriculum demonstrates God’s unique involvement in the history of mankind. It points students to God as the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, sees the guiding hand of God in history, studies the unique Adventist perspective of the Great Controversy, and teaching the brotherhood of all mankind. It prepares students to think critically and make informed decisions as citizens in a multicultural society and interdependent world. It prepares students for service in this world and citizenship in the world to come.

The social studies curriculum includes the teaching of values. The values of personal and corporate integrity, honesty, ethics, morality, and responsibility derive from individual belief systems which affect the way we behave both privately and publicly. Freedom, justice, respect, tolerance, and patriotism are values which affect the way in which individuals and groups interact.

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