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North American Division

At Greater New York Academy the North American Division Standard (NAD) is based on the Word of God, is rooted in the belief that God created us with minds that can grasp spiritual and intellectual truths, and places first leading the student to accept Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior. NAD stresses educating students for a life of worship, growth and service, places a high estimate on the worth of the individual student, and dictates that Seventh-day Adventist Christian values be developed in every subject at all grade levels.

We pursue the highest academic standards of secondary education as set forth by the NAD's Office of Education and by the New York State Education Department. The following links lead to denominational and state general resources used at the school in the development of our local curriculum.

Adventist Curriculum Resources


State Curriculum Resources

  • New York State Learning Standards
  • Core NAD Resource Guides
  • Core Subjects / Learning Standards
  • General Education & Regents Diploma Requirements / Exams / Tests / Assessments