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Ministry to the Cities

Ministry to the Cities
Reviewed by Deivi Garcia
April 23, 2013

While there are already a few excellent compilations of Ellen White's writings on evangelism, Ministry to the Cities is a welcome addition. According to the World Health Organization, two out of every ten people lived in an urban area at the turn of the twentieth century. It took only eight decades for that proportion to double. As of last reckoning in 2010 over half of the world population were city dwellers. As it is, and with this pattern of growth expected to double, it is difficult to underestimate the timeliness of this book.


A Gift of Hope: Helping the homeless

Reviewed by Caudie Sedie
April 11, 2013

American novelist Danielle Steel has churned another best seller out of her personal experience taking in the homeless following the death of her son, Nick.

Imperfect: An improbable life

Reviewed by Witness Lima
April 4, 2013

Jim Abbott's deeply felt inspirational story reveals the failures, successes, disappointments and dreams that were part of his remarkable journey to not only cope with a disability, but excel in spite of it.
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