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Greater New York Academy Students Impact Woodside

One hundred Greater New York Academy students descended upon their Queens neighborhood for an October morning of community service, as planned by Bible teacher Nkarlo Alexander. Accompanied by teachers, each group went to a different location using the maps they created of their territory. Several teams went to Woodside Avenue, along the subway line, where they gave away bags containing water, a healthy snack, and a faith-sharing book to passersby. The students who walked over to a day care center sang songs and told stories to the young ones, and then shared children’s bags containing coloring books, crayons, and snacks.

A friend of Alexander, Marjorie Fennel, made this event more special. Because she works for Penguin Books, she donated many books, which Alexander presented to the daycare center. Perhaps the most dramatic results came from the team who boarded the Adventist Community Services van. After being trained to take blood pressures, these students not only performed the tests for the neighborhood, but counseled each guest on how to get their blood pressure to a healthy level. One of the bilingual students was especially helpful in translating for some of the guests from the community.

Teacher Molly McAlpine remarked that listening to the students’ health suggestions was like hearing advice from doctors! The van personnel shared with her that they usually see only four or five people in that location, but with the students participating they treated 60 that morning. The school needs your prayers as they seek to do the work of Jesus this school year.

~Helene Mattenson,

Director of development,

Greater New York Academy.