Welcome to the Science Department

At no time in history has science been more visible and more important to human life and the future of our planet. Newspapers, magazines, and television feature scientific topics prominently every day. Scientific issues are discussed in Congress, in the courts, on Wall Street, at the World Bank, at the United Nations, and at summit meetings as well as in classrooms, laboratories, hospitals, and agricultural centers. We hear about the ozone layer and skin cancer, decertification, genetic engineering, and frost-resistant strawberry plants. . . How memory works, organ transplants, drugs that will prevent heart attacks, in vitro fertilization, AIDS, abortion, conservation, global warming, water pollution, and death with dignity. The destruction of rain forests. Acid rain. Eco-terrorism. Crops that require no insecticides. The extinction of dinosaurs. Chemicals produced by plants that protect them from their enemies. The fate of whales. The language of wolves. The durability of cockroaches. The origin of man. The future of our planet. These are some of today´s relevant issues the school's.
Courses offered:
  • Living Environment
  • Earth Science
  • AP Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics